Day 4 of Joy - Thread Coffee Roasters

December 04, 2021 1 min read

Here at Simply Straws, we LOVE coffee. But we also love being a Women Owned company and supporting others that are. For Day 4 of blogs, we want to talk about Thread Coffee Roasters and all the amazing things they are doing.

About Thread Coffee Roasters:

Thread goes above and beyond fair trade standards to provide a model of trade because more and more farmers are expressing that fair trade minimum standards are not, in fact, fair.

In striving to create a better model of trade, transparency is key. Thread works to provide information about their coffee’s journey every step of the way and their entire supply chain from farmer to them is available. 

With their transparency, another focus is sustainability. They have a zero waste initiative with a coffee refill program that provides lower costs to consumers and uses 100% compostable materials. 

On top of that, this year in 2021 they became a certified B Corporation (no easy task) and in 2020 they finalized their Women-Owned certification. 

These are just a few of the wonderful things they are doing at Thread Coffee Roasters and if you're ever in Baltimore we definitely recommend stopping by. To learn more about them, click here

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