Day 3 of Joy - Boochcraft

December 03, 2021 1 min read

We LOVE kombucha here at Simply Straws (especially hard booch) and recently got the pleasure of e-meeting some of the team at Boochcraft. Their kindness came through the screen and we are so excited for their future and what they have in store!

About Boochcraft:

Boochcraft was founded by three friends from Ocean Beach, San Diego. They sought out to create a hard kombucha that tasted great, inspired connection, and was based in quality. (Simply Straws can vouch for those!)

Seeing the need for an alcoholic beverage with integrity, they created a craft brew you could not only enjoy, but also feel good about drinking. Millions of SCOBY’s later, Boochcraft was born with a mission to inspire vitality, support our earth, build community, and have fun along the way.

Like Simply Straws - Boochcraft  donates 1% of their gross sales to fund projects that help create a sustainable global community and are proud members of 1% For the Planet. They want to make a difference in the communities and systems in which we have the most impact.

Learn more about them and where to find them here. 

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