Day 2 of Joy - Torani

December 02, 2021 1 min read

Do you ever crave a vanilla latte? Or an Italian soda? If you have enjoyed either, you've probably enjoyed them with Torani syrup. They are the go-to flavoring for local coffee shops and more. Not only do they make delicious syrup, they also do amazing things for their employees and the environment. Like us at Simply Straws, Torani is also a Certified B Corporation - and that is no easy task. 

About Torani:

Torani's purpose is “Flavor for all, Opportunity for all.®” 

Each bottle promises amazing flavor for your creative beverages, from a classic vanilla latte to a bold, unexpected cocktail. Their flavors can be used however you choose. Liven up a coffee, add pizzazz to a soda, or put more oomph in your iced tea. There’s no wrong way to go about it. They have flavors for every moment, so you can flavor your way, no matter where life takes you.

Each bottle also promises their dedication to help all the people, partners, and communities they touch thrive. They believe that everything starts with people and that businesses can, and should, create more opportunities for people.

Torani believes businesses can be an every day force for good, and when like-minded companies join together, we can make a greater change. That’s why they've become a Certified B Corporation. 

To learn more about Torani and the good they are doing, please visit their website or instagram.

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