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Our Story

The Other Kind of Drinking Problem

Many of us spent the summers of our youth sipping our favorite bubbled beverages through straws of every size and shape, from straight to bendy to corkscrew. 

We used straws because they made drinks more fun. Straws made it possible to ride a bike and gulp soda without blocking your own view or rolling over a bump and inhaling the cup. At the time, we had no idea that those straws helped protect our teeth from the acids in those drinks. The catch is that those very same straws are still sitting in a landfill today.

Now that we're grown, we still use straws. Every day. They're still useful and they're still more fun than they should be, really. Only now, we've taken the straw and improved it. No more garnishing that landfill with "disposable" plastic straws. 

 We've upgraded to glass. Try it once and you'll understand why.

 They are reusable like utensils and dishes, they're a pleasure to sip anything through (even $3 box wine), and they're beautiful objects, if we do say so ourselves.

Some Benefits of Using Simply Straws

They're reusable, durable (lifetime guarantee - if you break 'em, we replace 'em), biodegradable, and handmade in California with equal portions of logic and love. The materials are BPA-free and the colors are non-toxic. 

 It's Not Easy Being Green

We didn't stop at straws. Our sleeves are carefully crafted from fair-trade hemp, flax, and organic cotton. Our web hosting and printing are powered by eco energy, and we use non-toxic dyes and FSC-certified 100% post-consumer recycled paper for business materials. Oh, and all of our packaging is compostable. If we were any more green, we'd be a tree.  One percent of all proceeds goes directly to our non-profit partners, all of which give us that warm and fuzzy feeling.

The Simply Straws family is our actual family. We're a mom, pop, daughter-and-son business. That means that when the holidays roll around, you only need to send us one card.

We'd like to leave the world a better place than when we came into it, sip by sip, and we'd like you to join us in this endeavor. 


   Our commitments:
    • Our products are reusable, sustainable, durable, biodegradable and handmade with intention in California.
    • Colored Glass are non-toxic
    • Materials are bpa free
    • Sleeves are made from fair-trade, organic hemp, flax, and cotton
    • Web hosting and printing are powered by eco energy,
    • Printing with non-toxic dyes and fsc certified 100% post consumer recycled paper
    • All packaging is compostable.
    • Simply Straws is proud to be a Clean Energy business and EPA Green Power Partner. 
    • All electric energy is offset by Arcadia Power, a local wind and solar clean energy provider. Our effort in helping to reduce America’s dependence on dirty fossil fuels.
We are committed to building a brighter future for everyone by using renewable power, supporting local green jobs that cannot be outsourced, and fighting pollution and climate change.


In 2011, the Sladics' family began “Simply Straws”, a reusable drinking straw alternative to the common plastic straws. With a passion to educate the public on the effects of plastic pollution, and a commitment to work with organizations minimizing plastics-we began. "After 31 years as a Dental Hygienist I discovered that I was always adapting mediocre products to help my patients with dental problems such as teeth sensitivity, staining and erosion issues.  I felt compelled to provide a product for my patients that was safe for them and the environment," says Cyndi Sladics, mother and founder of Simply Straws. "Talking this over with my family we all agreed it was time to make a product that I was confident to recommend and know it was the best of the best for my patients. We took my knowledge of science and health, my husband’s love of creating, my son's youthfulness and my daughters’ passion to protect the environment to provide for you our reusable drinking straws. A solution to a problem that effects all of us."





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