Positive Mental Health in 5 Ways

April 02, 2020 2 min read

Hello Friends! 

We're officially in the first week of practicing social distancing. Here are 5 ways to stay mindful and maintain positive mental health while facing this shift in our daily routine. 




1. Stay Hydrated

Do you sip a little extra with a straw? We certainly do! Increase your water intake with a glass straw, like our wide glass straw here, for a refreshing, pure taste. Tip: we love to add fresh fruit slices like lemons, limes, and even cucumber, to add extra flavor to boost your daily water intake 




2. Get Active: Engage in healthy mindful activities like yoga, meditation, and at-home workouts. Avid gym user? There's plenty of free streaming workouts that are being added daily. One of our favorites: Active by PopSugar 




3. Practice Self Care: Treat yourself by pouring a bubble bath, lighting a candle, throwing a facemask on, and maybe indulge in some red wine. Tip: add some essential oils like lavender to add a peaceful and soothing mood. 



4. Engage Your Mind:Skip the streaming with mind-boosting activities such as reading and writing. Tip: Write a beautiful handwritten letter to a friend, family member, or co-worker to offer some surprising inspiration and cheer.



5. Boost your Creativity: With extra time spent at home, take the perfect opportunity to learn something new. You can engage in free online tutorials, craft at home, or whip up a new recipe from your favorite cookbooks. 



We hope you can utilize these amazing tips! Do you have awesome other ideas to share with us? Add a comment to share! 


Stay safe + Stay well 

- Simply Straws Team

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