Meditate in Nature with Kjersti Buaas

April 02, 2020 1 min read

Professional snowboarder and four-time Olympian Kjersti Buaas is passionate about physical, mental and spiritual health and connection. She has a 200-hour meditation teacher training certificate. Enjoy this inner body awareness meditation.

"When we connect with our inner world, we stand stronger in the outer world. Therefore, I want to inspire people to go within and connect with themselves"

This meditation video is part of a meditation series called "meditate in nature" - All meditations included in this series are recorded outside in nature.

With these teachings, I hope to bring in the healing properties of meditation and the natural world, to anyone who wants to tune in. Our bodies have a great capacity to self-heal if we only provide it with a little bit of support. Nature has a tremendous power to help us slow down and tune into the feeling of being fully alive, but not everyone has the opportunity to be in nature and connect with the natural world. I aim to re-create images, sounds and the frequency of the forest. That is why you hear birds chirping, snow melting into a stream and the wind whispering in the trees in the background of these videos. My goal is for the people who tune in to learn certain meditation techniques and to "feel nature", even if they are not physically in there with me in the forest.

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