Ship Carbon-free with Clovery

March 31, 2020 1 min read

Simply Straws is proud to introduce a greener way to shop:

Cloverly is our carbon offset partner that is helping us reduce the carbon impact we have when getting our straws to your front door. Participate in a greener modern method of shipping, reduce your carbon footprint and support renewable energy. It's now easier than ever to help save the planet from the comfort of your home.
For just a few extra dimes, you can offset the amount of carbon produced from the time your straws leave our warehouse in Southern California to you.
Choose to go green at checkout with Cloverly — shop for the things you want, save the planet you love!
Cloverly is easy to use! Just click the box at checkout to offset the carbon emissions for your order adding the minimal cost to your order. Finish your check out like normal.


Check @ Checkout


Choose to go green and you'll see where your sustainable energy was purchased. Click the link at checkout (carbon neutral delivery) to see where your offset is being purchased. 


To learn more visit

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