Giving Useful

November 13, 2014 1 min read

The holidays are here and it seems that there is a need for a gift at almost every turn. There are dinner parties and company parties, and even family parties. Each requires that a gift is given to at least the hostess even if there isn’t a gift exchange.

The dilemma in gift giving is, simply, what to give…

We have found a solution that is just short of genius, a Simply Straws A-Mason Mug filled with hot chocolate mix, marshmallows, and a decedent handful of milk chocolate drops. To make it an adult drink, tie on a mini bottle of your favorite liquor. Our favorite is peppermint schnapps. To finish the gift, add one of our glass straws. This gift has definite wow-factor!

After the hot chocolate mix is gone, the gift turns into a reusable mug simply by removing the canning lid from inside the Simply Straws lid and adding the straw. Be prepared for your friends and family to expect this fun little gift next time you come visit.

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