Dedication Leads to a Better World

November 19, 2014 2 min read

Whether she is careening down a hill on a snowboard, diving deep into the ocean, or advocating for a healthier planet, Chanelle Sladics is dedicated.

Because of Chanelle’s dedication, B Corps tapped her as their first female ambassador to carry their message, that business that can be bigger than profit, business with a conscience.

Chanelle was born and raised in Newport Beach, CA while playing in the ocean and the mountains. When she graduated high school she moved to the snow and became a world class snowboarder. She also found mentors that shared their world and their devotion to healthy food, a healthy planet and the ocean.

It was through that devotion that Chanelle learned about the serious plastic pollution in the oceans. She soon found a way to do something about it by creating Simply Straws with her family. Simply Straws is a business to replace some of the 500 million straws used and discarded every day with glass straws. B Corporation was drawn to the mission of the company and the social responsibility it embraced.

In addition to her professional snowboarding career and role in her family company, Chanelle co-created the Community Cup, a snowboarding event. The event is the first to showcase organic food with all reusable utensils, dishes, and drinkware, as well as a refilling station for the participants, showing that business can be a force for good.

Chanelle is busy now with her career, her advocacy and her adventures. She is also is busy leading by example, so anyone that wants to know how it is done can just follow her. To acknowledge Chanelle’s hard work, dedication and commitment to using Business as a Force for Good, The B Corporation awarded Chanelle the #BTheChange Ambassador Award at the B Corp 2014 Retreat.

I was very honored to stand in front of these incredibly inspirational brands and receive this award. This was one of my most treasured moments. Simply Straws and Community Cup are at the forefront of that hard work.

The B Corps Ambassador program is an ongoing, global effort to showcase professional athletes using their business as a force for good. B Corps Ambassadors lead the way in their sport and for their sport by encouraging organizers, fellow athletes, and their fans to support communities and the environment. It’s their call to action to B the Change.

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