Simply Straws at the Sustainable Seafood Expo with Lonely Whale

October 05, 2017 2 min read

Simply Straws was honored to be a part of the 2017 Sustainable Seafood Expo this past Sunday at the Cabrillo Marine Aquarium. From short films on sustainability to live seafood cooking demos, the aquarium transformed into a seafood and sustainability nirvana. 

Seafood ExpoChanelle Sladics & Kjersti BuaasSustainable Mussels

Now you might be thinking, “Seafood and straws? I don’t get it.” As part of our partnership with the Lonely Whale Foundation’s Strawless Ocean, Simply Straws is a major player in solution of plastic straws crowding our oceans and impacting our fish habitats. The more plastic we can keep out of the ocean, the happier our seafood will be!

Ali'i Fish Co Ali'l Fish Co- Coming soon to LA Ahi Poke


“It was so fun to participate and support an event that had a huge focus on eliminating the plastic straw. Even though it was a sustainable fish expo, it was amazing to be a part of the conversation about what a healthy ocean looks like. Together, with the Lonely Whale Foundation and Strawless Ocean, we are eliminating the straw out of the fish habitat and therefore creating a healthier environment for all." - Chanelle Sladics, Simply Straws Co-Founder

With over 20 fish and restaurant exhibitors, there were plenty of tasty bits to sample. From the Ahi Poke from the soon to open Ali’I Fish Co to the Salmon Sliders from Salty Girl Seafood, we were delighted with all the treats.

                        Santa Barbara's Salty Girl Abalone Salad Salty Girl Seafood

The highlight of the event was the Keynote speaker Adrian Grenier. Adrian, co-founder of the Lonely Whale Foundation has made it his mission to get people to #stopsucking. Guests were able to hear first hand how Adrian and the Lonely Whale Foundation is working to make our ocean strawless. It isn’t just talk either. With their support, Seattle has banned plastic straws from their city (check out the details).

 Adrian Grenier @ Simply Straws Booth

Simply Straws co-founder Chanelle Sladic and AmbassadorKjerti Buaas were lucky enough to send some time with Adrian at the Simply Straws booth.

"It was great having Adrian at our booth as we continue to work hand in hand with the Lonely Whale Foundation. He has been such an inspiration and pioneer in spreading the word on straw waste. The reduction of all plastic waste, specifically single use plastic straws, is something we all can support.”  

Raffle at the Simply Straws booth

The event wasn’t just about seafood and awareness. It was also a chance for us to showcase our glass straws in real life. We love getting to meet you, our loyal customers in the flesh to talk about our durable (remember that lifetime guarantee) and beautiful straws. If you haven’t seen all our straws in person, the colors really are a sight to see all together. We were raffling off a free straw every hour and showcasing our 3.0 Mason Lids

      Simply Sip! Kjesti Buaas Reusable Glass Straws Chanelle Sladics

Huge thank you to the Cabrillo Marine Aquarium, the Sustainable Seafood Expo, and the Lonely Whale Foundation! Together we are changing the way you sip!

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