Simply Straws partners with the Lonely Whale Foundation to #StopSucking

Chanelle Sladics

Posted on September 01 2017

Simply Straws partners with the Lonely Whale Foundation to #StopSucking

written by Kimberly Erickson.


Simply Straws is stoked to announce our partnership with the Lonely Whale Foundation as the official glass straw alternative for the 2017 campaign #StopSucking.

Founded in December 2015 by Adrian Grenier and Lucy Sumner, the Lonely Whale Foundation was inspired by the full-length documentary film 52: The Search for the Loneliest Whale. In less than 2 years, the foundation has successfully implemented educational programs, hosted an international health panel and collaborated with over 120 global organizations. Their mission is to simply “bringing people closer to the world’s oceans through education and awareness, inspiring empathy and action for ocean health and the wellbeing of marine wildlife.

Their campaign launched #StopSucking at SXSW this year with the goal to bring awareness to the plastic straws that plague our ocean and reduce the daily use of disposable plastic straws. Watch this quick video to learn more:

Lonely Whale Foundation's #StopSucking PSA from Lonely Whale Foundation on Vimeo.

As the campaign says, “Were not anti-straw, we’re anti-single use plastics” and that is where Simply Straws gets involved. We have been committed to replacing plastic with glass straws since 2012 and could not be prouder as an official alternative straw partner for the Lonely Whale Foundation and the #StopSucking campaign.

“It is so exciting to see Adrian Grenier use his platform, his non-profit and his network to launch a campaign that playfully inspires people to wake up to this major plastic issue. #Stopsucking is coming at the perfect time, while cities like LA, Sand Diego, and Hawaii and looking to ban plastic straws. We are honored to be a solution for those avid smoothie makers and straw lovers. We are very happy to be aligned with the Lonely Whale Foundation, as there glass straw parter.” - Co-founder of Simply Straws, Snowboarder, activist Chanelle Sladics.

Join Simply Straws and the Lonely Whale Foundation and take action now. Renew your #PledgeAgainstPlasticStraws and the join the Lonely Whale Foundation pledge to #StopSucking. Challenge your friends and family to do the same. Grab a new glass straw for yourself or as a gift for another. Spread the word so we all can #StopSucking.

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