Holiday Gift Guide: Simply Straws Best Sellers

November 27, 2020 3 min read

Holiday Season is upon us! (We can't believe it's here either.)

We know you're all busy during the Holidays so we wanted to make a quick Simply Straws Holiday Gift Guide to make your shopping easy. (For others or for yourself 😉) 

For the first timers:

1. Classic Single Glass Straw -  This is our best seller. This is great if you're not sure if you're ready to make the switch to glass. (but we hope you are!)

2. Build Your Own Classic Twin Set - Can't decide if you want a straight or bent straw to start your collection?  This option gets you one of each, plus a brush! 



For the traveler or takeout connoisseur:

3. Reusable Utensil Kit -  These reusable utensil kits are great for anyone who likes eating out (or in your car, or taking it to go home and enjoy on your couch). The sleeves are made out of recycled plastic bottles and each one comes with a bamboo fork, knife, spoon, chopsticks, and a straw of your choice! Plus a carabiner clip so you can take it with you wherever you choose to adventure.


For the "I want one of everything":

4. Classic Six Pack Set - Can't decide what color to get? These sets come with 6 different colors preset for you! Choose which set fits you best!


For the bargain shopper:

5. Party Packs - This is the best deal we've ever offered! Get 10 or 20 straws for the best price. And for a BONUS, we now offer the option to add 10 Limited Edition Single Sleeves with your party pack. Get 10 gifts in one click! (okay, maybe two or three clicks) 


For the advocate:

6. Straws for Cause - We've teamed up with some amazing people throughout the years. Check out our partners and collaboration straws, you'll be helping the planet in more ways than one! 


For the stainless steel lovers:

7. Stainless Steel - Not ready to switch to glass yet? (even though our straws come with a lifetime guarantee so it is okay if they break! 😁) We totally understand being hesitant, which why we offer a selection of stainless steel straws. Plus the come with a beveled edge for safety. 


For the drink spiller:

8. 16oz Mason Mug - Do you tend to spill your cold brew coffee when you're drinking in bed scrolling through Instagram? (No? Just me? Ok..) Anyway, here we have our Mason Mug that comes with a custom mason lid (with a patented silicone grommet) that is spill proof! Great for kids too (but also adults...)


For the smoothie lover:

9. Wide Straws - If you're like me, I used to make my smoothies with a little too much liquid so I could drink them with a straw. That was until I started using these beautiful WIDE straws, perfect for the thick Vegan Pumpkin Pie Smoothie


Honorable mentions:

10. Straw Sleeves - Want to protect your straw(s)? We have beautiful sleeves in a single, 4, or 6 straw sleeve holder. Made from remnant fabric by a lovely seamstress that is right here in Orange County as well! 


11. Classic Revive Sip Set - Already have a mason jar but need a lid? Here we have regular and wide mouth lids that fit any mason/ball jar! Perfect for our skinny, classic, or wide straws (unfortunately not boba). 



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