Cheers to Make A Difference Day!

October 27, 2017 3 min read

National Make A Difference Day is tomorrow, Saturday, October 28th. Since it started 1992, people have come together to make an impact on their community.  In honor of this great tradition, we want to highlight 3 ways Simply Straws is making a difference.

1- Our Awesome Customers.

You, our customers are helping to make a difference. By purchasing and using a glass straw, you are positively impacting our planet and spreading the mission. Thank you for your support and passion! Here is some recent stoke on how glass straws are making your world better:

"I absolutely hate single use plastics and am so happy that there are people and movements actively working to combat these awful habits. Thank you for all that you do, hopefully more people in the world will wake up and make the right changes"

"We adore the straws and feel like we are lessening our footprint as well as drinking from glass better for overall health."

"I love what you're doing! You offer a great product I can stand behind and I've spread the word to family, friends, and coworkers. Most, if not all of them, have switched to glass straws and have gone on to purchase their own sets from Simply Straws. You're making an impact. The impact is spreading. This is meaningful work. Thank you.”

 Check out more ways our customers are making a difference.


B Corp


2- We're a B-Corp

As a certified B Corp, we are ensuring that our business practices meet a rigorous standard of social and environmental performance, accountability and transparency. All our printing needs are met with non-toxic dyes and fsc certified 100% post consumer recycled paper. From the recycled paper we use to ensure our straws arrive in one piece, to the bags made from tree sap, all packaging is compostable. We are proud to be a Clean Energy business and EPA Green Power Partner. All electric energy is offset by Arcadia Power, a local wind and solar clean energy provider. Our effort in helping to reduce America’s dependence on dirty fossil fuels. Learn more about our B Corp certification and what it means when you support a B Corp.



3- Our Product and Staff

Simply Straws wants to go from 500 Million plastic straws used daily in the US to Zero. Our business is replacing each of those with one of our reusable glass straws. But we don’t just stop there. We offer a variety of products to keep your beverages plastic free. Our travel sets, koozies and sleeves mean you can take it on the go too.

Our commitment to make a difference extends into our staff as well. We are a small but mighty team of family members and more. We each have our passions but making a difference is what connects us as the Simply Family. Here are just a few things we do to make a difference.

“My biggest contribution to the environment was when I began Simply Straws. It is a passion project for me. I wanted to help my patients with their health and create a forever straw to give all of us an option to replace the plastic straw. It has been such a blessing to see how people embrace and share in my passion." -Co-Founder Cyndi   

“I do my best to shop in bulk and bring my own bags, cups, containers so I don't ever need single use anything!;) Also, educating the young women I work with, a lot of them really have no idea what an impact we can/do make!” - Shipping Extraordinaire Stacie   

“I recently switched over to reusable produce bags! I’ve been carrying my own grocery bags for a while but now, all my fruits and veggies are plastic free too!”- Marketeer Kim 

You can help support Make A Difference Day too! Check out the local project in your community  by visiting can also register your own project and get volunteers to help you. We like to make a difference everyday!

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