Selfless Selfies with Keep A Breast Foundation

October 24, 2017 2 min read

As the month of October continues and we get closer to Halloween, our partnership with the Keep A Breast Foundation continues. We are still offering all pink product at 15% off with 35% going back to Keep A Breast. Check out our Think Pink page for all our offerings.But Breast Cancer Awareness month isn’t just about pink things. It is a reminder to yourself and the women you love about breast health. Keep A Breast has launched a global campaign and app to promote breast cancer self-check education and awareness for young people.



Love them, loathe them, “selfies” are here to stay, and Keep A Breast is using them to help with early detection through the global initiative, #CheckYourSelfie. Did you know that over 1 million selfies are snapped every day. Women ages 18-24 spend 16 minutes taking an average of three selfies per day. Why not turn one of those selfies, once a month into a #CheckYourSelfie?

The Keep A Breast Foundation Check Yourself! app helps you to establish your own routine and approach to the breast self-check. It teaches you the best ways to check your boobies and schedules an automatic monthly reminder at the same time.

“At Keep A Breast, we want young people to understand and be educated that breast cancer under 40 is a reality,” says Shaney jo Darden, Founder of Keep A Breast. “It can happen to anyone, not just your mom or grandmother. It’s so important to know what is ‘normal’ for you and your body, and checking yourself is the first way to becoming your own health advocate.”

Selfies are often shunned as “self indulgent” and “narcissistic.” The Keep A Breast Foundation is asking people to put the selfie to good use -- to find the time to be not “self indulgent,” but “self aware” when it comes to knowing your body and your breasts. Participants are asked to post a photo of themselves, placing three fingers to their breast, symbolizing their monthly commitment to self-check.

Visit to learn how to pledge to do a self-check, download the free app, and/or sign-up for monthly reminders.

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