Celebrate Earth Day Virtually

April 16, 2020 2 min read

Written by: Chelsea Caterina, Social Media Coordinator

 As we are continuing to adjust our day-to-day to a new (temporary) normal, I can admit, it's getting a lot easier. Still, it's difficult at times to overcome the lack of connecting in person, such as celebrating birthdays, new life, and milestones. Despite all of this, there are so many GOOD things happening in our virtual world. As a passionate, ocean-loving and environmental advocate, I invite you to join in celebrating upcoming Earth Day in a non-traditional twist in these 3 powerful ways. 




1. Set an intention to Skip Single-Use Plastic.

It’s not an easy task to say no to plastic, let alone skipping plastic completely like going zero waste (which is a process and not recommended to do overnight). If this is your first time taking on this challenge, I recommend starting with one thing, like a reusable straw. By setting an intention to skip plastic straws, you are creating healthy habits that will transition to other great areas in your life. 


A great way to set powerful habits / Venti Mason Combo in Tropical Print $25 


Best of all, by swapping reusable alternatives like our beautiful glass straws for plastic straws, you can potentially save over30,000 plastic straws in your lifetime. How crazy is that?! Take our pledge against plastic straws and set your intention to say no to single use plastic straws Share your glass straws on social media to humbly say, no thanks plastic straws (you suck). 


2. Celebrate Earth Day Online 

Turn to your laptop, tablet, or phone to stream events, engage in community discussions, and possibly learn something new by going online. The best resource to use for all things #EarthDay2020 can be found by visiting www.EarthDay.org. Here, you can browse live events near you, explore activities, and register your own event. Hosting a public online event? Share with us by adding a comment below! 



3. Host a Streaming Party!

It’s probably no secret that we are all watching Netflix or other popular streaming sites at this time. With the new feature of streaming together, you can still engage in your netflix and chill nights with your friends. Stream an Environmental Documentary highlighting planet, pollution, sustainability and nature on Netflix. Here’s my list of my favorite environmental docs: 

  1. Our Planet (2019)
  2. 180 Degrees South (2010)
  3. Chasing Coral (2017)
  4. A Plastic Ocean (2016)
  5. The True Cost (2015)



One Final Thought

Ever since I started working for certified @BCorporation @simplystraws, I have become increasingly aware of the plastic pollution and have developed a growing sense of conscious consumerism. Let me tell you, it is liberating knowing that I am voting with my dollar each and every day to support brands that are doing good for us and the planet. With every purchase I make - whether it is the coffee I drink every day or a pair of leggings for working out - is far more thoughtful than ever before. With that being said, continue to support local, engage in your online community, and together, we can celebrate our Earth Day each and every day. 


Happy Earth Day Friends!

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