Illinois set to become first state to ban microbeads

April 17, 2014 1 min read

Illinois could soon become the first state to ban microbeads, the tiny plastic particles added to many body cleansers and toothpastes that have fast become an environmental menace.

A number of brand-name products use microbeads to aid exfoliation, giving consumers a well-scrubbed feeling.

But recent scientific investigations have shown that the micro plastic balls are also found in major lakes and other waterways that communities rely on for drinking water, where they absorb toxic chemicals released into the environment and are eaten by fish, which mistake them for food.

The Illinois State Senate approved SB2727 earlier this month, which would phase out the use of microbeads in products by 2017. The measure will move on to the House, and it has the support of industry groups such as the Personal Care Products Council and Alliance for the Great Lakes.

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Photo courtesy of gawker media.

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