Saving the Planet from Poverty and Plastic with a 3-D Printer

July 19, 2014 1 min read

David Katz found a problem: Beaches with more plastic than sand and people in poverty without hope.

He had the solution, if he could revalue the plastic and make it too valuable to throw away, people could gather it and use it as a currency of exchange.  That currency would give them means to get out of poverty and give them hope. And it would eventually eliminate plastic pollution.

And then he had another problem.  How would he make the leap from plastic being worthless pollution to a valuable means of exchange?

With much excitement, David Katz found that technology had finally caught up with more solutions.   The first development was the advent of the 3-D printer that needed plastic to consume to produce products.  The second development was the process that allowed all kinds of plastics to be combined into a single product that could be consumed by the 3-D printers.

The company has been named, The Plastic Bank and is now moving forward with their Social Plastic project and circling the world to implement the project around the world, saving the world from plastic pollution and poverty all at the same time.

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