Straws: Health and Safety Necessities

August 11, 2014 1 min read

From blowing bubbles in our milk to sipping our smoothies, everyone loves a straw.  It turns out that there are other benefits from using Simply Straws glass straws than “just because we like them”.

Dentists recommend using a straw when you drink dark liquids, such as wine and coffee.  Using a straw can prevent long-term exposure that can stain your teeth. Dentists also recommend using a straw when drinking sugary drinks to limit the sugar that gets on to your teeth.

Using a straw when you drink liquids that are hot is a great idea.  You can control the amount of liquid that you are sipping.  And for safety’s sake, use a straw when you are driving to avoid tipping your head back and losing sight of the road.

What is your favorite reason for using a Simply Straws straw?


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