They Said, “Not Here!”

August 29, 2014 1 min read

The British Government said it is, “all-out for shale” and with that shale they plan to improve energy security, boost jobs and the economy. The village of Wisborough Green in West Sussex is telling both the government and Celtique Energie to look for somewhere else to do their exploration and fracking, and they mean it. The council members announced recently that they were denying the exploration in their village.  Fracking has long been a controversial practice of using injected water to harvest oil and gas.  Those challenge fracking cite the risk of minor earthquakes and water pollution as the major reasons for opposing the practice. The village says that the reason they are against the practice is all of these suspected risks and the addition of both 24 hour traffic of large trucks and the noise associated with the process. Wisborough Green has a sleepy village way of life and they cherish that, so for now, they are standing up against the British government to keep their village sweet and quaint.

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