June 02, 2015 1 min read

Photographed by Luke Gottlieb, check him out on Instagram and take a look at his website! 

Chanelle Sladics and Kjerstil Buaas are top athletes. They have pooled their experiences in this blog with FreePeople.com recently.

Kjerstil writes about life inside of the elite athlete community and her nutritional journey in this blog. Kjerstil started her career with trainers and nutritionists who focused on protein and carbohydrates, regardless of their source, as the way to create the necessary fuel to allow these athletes to function at the highest level. After starting down the traditional path of nutrition, Kerjersti soon experienced a body that was low on energy and often ill.

Chanelle grew up in California. She found some great mentors and learned to enjoy the natural world of both food and sport. Through Chanelle, Kjerstil learned about how superfoods and a raw diet could enhance her natural talent as an athlete.

When Kjerstil discovered superfoods, her life changed. Soon this four-time Olympic Champion was eating superfoods and had changed her diet to mostly raw.

Kjerstil says, “Using food as our medicines and always reading our food labels, we developed a deep connection and passion for food and health and our lives have never been the same!”. Kjerstil then goes on to define organic, raw, alkaline and acidic.

Pop on over to the blog and learn more about Kjerstil and Chantelle’s nutritional experience and also check out the recipes for their favorite and very delicious smoothies.

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