June 08, 2015 2 min read

When I hear about drinking cactus juice, my mind immediately goes to the old western movies where people are dragging themselves through the desert, dying of thirst and then they come upon a cactus, crack it open and drink.

According to E-How, Native Americans have used cactus water in emergencies, however, water from cactus themselves isn’t usually drinkable and can be dangerous.

So if cactus isn’t drinkable, where is the new cactus juice drink coming from? Turns out that cactus juice isn’t so new, it has been well known in Mexico for generations, where it is known as a hangover cure. The prickly pear cactus makes an avocado sized fruit that can be pressed and, by adding water or a citrus concentrate to the pressed fruit, a sweet drink is made. Seems that there antioxidants in the juice that make the dry mouth and nausea symptoms of a hangover better.

Cactus juice is said to have a hint of a berry taste, kind of watermelon/kiwi mashup. In addition to the taste and the other attractive features, such as a hangover cure, cactus juice may lower inflammation and even out blood sugar. Since the cactus juice contains fiber, it has all the benefits to my tummy that come with high fiber foods.

Curious about this cactus juice, I went to my healthy food store and checked it out. The benefits of cactus juice keep getting better. It has half of the sugar and half of the calories of the coconut water brands I compared. I’m sure you can guess that I bought some to try and, guess what, I liked it.

Are you going to try cactus juice, too?

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