Mountain View becomes latest to ban polystyrene products

by Chanelle Sladics February 15, 2014

Mountain View, Ca. — Mountain View this week joined a growing list of cities that have banned disposal foam containers. On Tuesday, the city council voted 4-2 in favor of an ordinance that prohibits restaurants from packaging prepared food in expanded polystyrene, or EPS, and retailers from selling products made [...]
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Hawaii Just Became the First State to BAN This Everyday Shopping Item

by Chanelle Sladics February 14, 2014

Hawaii — Plastic trash has always been a huge enviornmental problem, especially when the ocean is involved.  But few states have seen the impact of maritime pollution quite like Hawaii.  Now, Hawaii has become the first state to officially implement a ban on plastic bags at the checkout counter. Read [...]
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Simply Ambassador, Kim Lamarre, places 3rd in the women’s olympic slopestyle today

by Chanelle Sladics February 11, 2014

Sochi, Russia — Simply Ambassador, Kim Lamarre's, performance today at the Olympic slopestyle was absolutely unreal! A true expression of the sport.  Her last jump, zero spin, is among the tuffest and technical trick to be done on a massive jump like this one.  Thanks to the judges for scoring in respect of [...]
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{Recipe Wednesday} Red Rejuvenator Juice from The Colorful Kitchen

by Chanelle Sladics February 05, 2014

Here is Ilene Godofsky's (The Colorful Kitchen) 2nd recipe from January's Detox Week on Instagram… This is her Red Rejuvenator Juice — a super powerful drink that will give you energy, boost your immune system and help fight off sickness. To make it- juice 2 beets, 3 carrots, 1 orange, 1" piece [...]
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Los Gatos: Plastic bag ban approved by town council

by Chanelle Sladics February 04, 2014

Los Gatos, California — The Los Gatos Town Council approved a ban on single use plastic bags at its meeting Monday night. The ban takes affect Feb. 3, 2014. At that time, grocery stores and most other retailers will begin selling recycled paper bags for 10 cents apiece. However, the aim [...]
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California set to ban plastic bags in 2015

by Chanelle Sladics January 29, 2014

California lawmakers were due to unveil a compromise bill Friday that would, if passed, ban single-use plastic bags and impose a 10-cent fee on customers using store-provided bags starting in July 2015. The bill has the potential to be a breakthrough in environmental groups’ long battle to outlaw plastic bags [...]
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{Recipe Weds} Cleanse week with The Colorful Kitchen

by Chanelle Sladics January 22, 2014

Last week we had the pleasure of working with Ilene Godofsky, founder of The Colorful Kitchen.  The Colorful Kitchen is beautiful website with spot-on and stunning photography and recipes for a plant-based diet. Ilene provided our Instagram followers with 5 days of detox/cleanse recipes to jumpstart the New Year.  This [...]
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Mobile World Congress 2014 To Become World’s Largest Certified Carbon Neutral Tradeshow

by Chanelle Sladics January 20, 2014

GSMA Increases Environmental Commitment to Reducing Carbon Footprint, Pursues International Certification of Mobile World Congress as Carbon Neutral PR Newswire BARCELONA, Spain, Jan. 16, 2014 BARCELONA, Spain, Jan. 16, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — The GSMA today announced that the 2014 Mobile World Congress will be the world's largest tradeshow certified to have a [...]
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Derek Markham’s Tips for Living Sustainably

by Chanelle Sladics January 17, 2014

Earlier this week, we had the honor of partnering with Derek Markham, writer for and sustainable living guru based in Silvery City, New Mexico.  #AskDerek was a Twitter Chat we co-hosted with Derek, where, we gathered questions from fans before and during the chat to learn more about how to live [...]
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Hawaii bans plastic bags

by Chanelle Sladics January 14, 2014

The Hawaiian Islands are preparing to ban plastic bags in its territory.  An estimated 500 billion to one trillion plastic bags are used worldwide, every year. Nearly 380 billion of those are consumed in the USA.  This time, all four of the populated counties in Hawaii have passed legislation banning [...]
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She’s no plastic Maori

by Chanelle Sladics January 12, 2014

Tina Ngata is a Maori on a mission.  On January 1, the moko kauae-bearing woman officially began her year-long challenge to live without plastic.  Her decision to make 2014 a year without plastic was motivated by a desire to do something “more than recycle” and to raise awareness of the growing [...]
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