Happy World Bamboo Day!

September 17, 2020 2 min read

Today, we celebrate World Bamboo Day by giving some love to this amazing plant and how we use it at Simply Straws. 

Organized by the World Bamboo Organization, #WorldBambooDay aims to

  • highlight the potential of bamboo
  • protect natural resources and the environment
  • ensure sustainable utilization
  • promote new cultivation of bamboo for new industries in regions around the world
  • promote traditional uses locally for community economic development

Learn more about World Bamboo Day and the WBO are doing to help protect this natural resource here


What is Bamboo? 

Bamboo is a renewable, adaptive, rapidly growing grass originating in tropical, humid climates throughout Asia and Africa. Today, it’s found throughout the world and has over 1,000 different species - making it accessible to consumers worldwide. 

Why Bamboo?

Bamboo is a renewable resource because it is self-generating and very adaptable - requiring little pesticides to thrive compared to cotton or wood. 

It’s diverse and natural properties can be used to create anything from bed linen to clothing to cutlery. However, the process of creating these goods can vary and can be wasteful/harmful towards the environment in some cases (think of the mix of chemicals used in the process).  


Why do we love it?

Bamboo is great for hard goods when it’s used in its most rawest form like our reusable Utensil Kits - where limited additives are added to the product. It's important to know that not all bamboo is created equal. We’re proud to partner with ToGoWare who responsibly sourced bamboo on all utensils. To learn more about their mission & bamboo sources, check them out here  


Celebrate World Bamboo Day by grabbing your own Utensil Kit to help offset over 1300 plastic utensils! Each Simply Straws Reusable Utensil Kit comes with a set of bamboo utensils, chopsticks, a cleaning brush, washable rPET carrying pouch, and reusable glass or stainless steel Simply Straw. Help reduce plastic for a clean, happy planet (ps they are a great gift too!)
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