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November 09, 2020 3 min read

We're excited to announce our partnership with Groundswell Community Project and the launch of #NoPlasticNovember. This fun and virtual challenge is brought to you by GS Community Project and before we dive in, we wanted to share a little background on who Groundswell is and tying to the Simply Straws mission. 

Groundswell is a research-based surf therapy non-profit that has created a thriving safe & resilient community for those who seek support on their healing journey. With a variety of surf therapy programs offered, we've served over 1,000 self-identifying women overcoming various forms of trauma and its effects. With our home roots in San Diego, California, and branches that extend across the globe, we are a transformational community of #surfsisters who use the art and surf modalities to connect women to themselves and Mother Ocean. 

We believe that healing is connected to our relationship with the ocean. As we grow in self-love, and sea-love we turn the tides of sustainable change and become stewards of the natural elements that support us on our journey.

What is Plastic Free November and how can others join in?

Plastic Free November is a challenge we lead every year to bring awareness to our consumption habits, our impact, and how we can mitigate that, as much as possible. How the 2020 #NoPlasticNovember challenge works:

1. PLEDGE: Join as an individual, company, team, or organization and commit to giving up one type of single-use plastic for the 30 days of November.

2. SHARE Using our platform easily share your commitment to healing Mother Ocean and invite your family and friends to join you by donating $1 or more for every day that you complete your plastic-free commitment.

3. EMPOWER Each dollar donated goes to support equal access to Groundswell surf therapy and ocean conservation programs that heal, empower, and unite women in the waves together.

To learn more & Enter Plastic Free November, please follow this link

What major challenges do you face when it comes to solutions or alternatives to the plastic pollution problem (ie. accessibility, affordability, etc.)?

There are many, especially now that COVID has influenced our buying habits and our dependence on single-use. A few of the biggest challenges we've seen globally is access to refill stations, there are businesses who are getting just to keep their doors open during the pandemic but are not able to provide eco-conscious packaging alternatives, and the ultimate one being affordability. With financial uncertainty looming for many, eco-conscious products aren't always a feasible option.

When options are eliminated and products made unattainable, we don't believe in shaming those who opt for plastic wrapped or coated items. However what we aim to focus on the importance of upcycling, committing to small mindful shifts, and local advocacy. We believe in empowering our communities to spearhead change by writing to their local representatives, corporations and business to understand that they're a big part of the solution.

What advice can you give to someone who is just starting their journey to low-waste living?

Start small and think big! Small shifts daily make a huge difference but it all starts with being aware. Let your mind be free and get creative, instead of seeing the limitation we invite you to see the opportunity and inspiration! When we become mindful of how much plastic is around us, we realize some of it is beyond our control. You can get creative with the leftover plastic bottles and make eco-bricks. You can upcycle your old plastic toothbrush by using it as a stain remover for clothes or a brush to clean your coffee maker. 

Favorite beverage to sip on the go while using a Simply Straw or other reusable straw

OoOoOh! Always a fan of a coconut but when we can't have access to those, the pineapple mint seltzer water with a dash of manuka honey hits the spot.

Join us as we continue to create awareness of the plastic pollution problem, promote affordable alternatives to disposable plastic and ultimately, help empower our amazing community. Join the pledge and follow Groundswell Community Project throughout #PlasticFreeNovember with links below. 




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