Benefits of Smoothie and Juice Drinking

August 22, 2017 2 min read

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Lucy Wyndham

Smoothies are an excellent addition to anyone’s diet, from health and fitness junkies to the more average everyday person.  There are few better ways to gain so many nutrients in one go, and the many benefits and advantages to regular smoothie and fresh juice consumption can’t be overlooked.  

Promoting Sustainability

Conservation and sustainability may come in many forms, but different fields of health and green living tend to overlap.  Plant-based or plant-heavy diets are often a big part of promoting sustainability, and smoothies and juicing are both an excellent way to increase the plant-based aspects of your diet.  Additionally, if you’re drinking smoothies or juice daily, you can do your part to reduce plastic waste by using reusable cups and glass straws, avoiding particularly the excess waste caused by the millions of plastic straws used daily.  

Juicing as a Dietary Supplement

While by now we all know that fruits and vegetables are key in providing many of the valuable nutrients we require, sometimes fitting everything into your daily diet can be a bit of a struggle.  If you’re the kind of person who doesn’t always succeed in packing in as many fruits and veggies as you need, juicing can be an excellent solution.  By creating different juicing combinations you can learn to address different needs and compensate for areas in which your diet may be lacking while making it relatively easy to do so.  

Smoothies as a Dietary Supplement

Of course, there needs to be a lot more than just juice in your drinks and diet, and above all else balance is important.  Smoothies are a great way to incorporate more fruits and vegetables while also including other healthy additions, specifically protein.  Most traditional smoothies contain some kind of dairy-based protein, like milk and/or yoghurt, which not only fills you up in a healthy way but has the addition of calcium.  Non-dairy alternatives, like tofu, also bring a host of benefits; not only is it protein rich but full of amino acids and other vitamins.  

Sneaking Food into Your Diet

All of us have certain fruits, vegetables, or otherwise healthy foods that we simply can’t bring ourselves to like, and one of the great things about smoothies or juice blends is that you can slip certain ingredients subtly without having to deal with the unpleasant taste or texture.  By tweaking or playing around with different ratios and ingredient combinations, you can get yourself to eat things you wouldn’t normally otherwise, such as, perhaps, tofu or kale, while still enjoying the more dominant flavours you’ve mixed in.  Not only are smoothies a compact and easier way to add some nutritional punch to your diet, you can use it to trick yourself into being more healthy.


With so many delicious combinations and healthy benefits, there’s really no reason to not incorporate regular smoothie and juice consumption into your diet.  No matter what your preferences, you’re sure to find something to satisfy both your body and your taste buds! 

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