A message from Olympic gold medalist Jamie Anderson

March 03, 2014 2 min read




What does it mean to be a champion?  Yes, it means to be the best at something.  
But it also means to stand up for something you believe in.

Being able to represent my country in the Winter Olympics was an incredible experience. But I also worry that tomorrow's athletes may not have that chance.  

According to a recent report, of the 19 cities that have previously hosted the Winter Olympics, only 6 of them will still be cold enough to host the games by 2080.

Climate change is something that both myself and many of my fellow Olympians are concerned about – so much so that over 100 athletes from 11 countries signed on to 
a letter written by one of our U.S. Olympic team members, Andy Newell, asking world leaders to take action on climate change in advance of next year's world climate talks in Paris.

However, if we are going to have any sort of shot at stopping climate change we need your help.  

Please consider making a tax deductible donation to Protect Our Winters today!  

Jamie on her way to winning the first-ever Olympic gold medal awarded for women's slopestyle.


Protect Our Winters' mission is to unite and mobilize the winter sports community to lead in the fight against global climate change.  By supporting POW, you are not only helping those of us who live to enjoy our mountain playgrounds, you are helping to protect communities and families who rely on a healthy snowpack – not just here in the mountains, but in the valleys and cities below.  From ski instructors to river guides, hotel operators and retailers, farmers and fishermen, we all rely on a consistent winter season.

This is your chance to be the champion you've always wanted to be. Make a difference in fight against climate change and make a donation to Protect Our Winters now.


Jamie Anderson
2014 Olympic Gold Medalist


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