You Can Join the Campaign to Ban Plastic Straws

July 05, 2015 1 min read

Over 500,000 million straws used in the United States every day. Each one of those straws will take 200 years to bio-degrade; the landfill are overflowing with plastic straws. Even when straws bio-degrade, they don’t just breakdown and disappear, they breakdown into tiny pieces of plastic that cause further disaster to the environment, including releasing chemicals into the soil like biphenol A (BPA).

Eva Mackinley, a hospitality professional in Australia saw the problem. She ask the Tasmanian Hospitality Association to take on the challenge of getting all the bars, restaurants, clubs, and pubs everywhere to stop serving customers plastic straws with their drinks. The Tasmanian Hospitality Association agreed to support the mission to stop the use of plastic straws in the hospitality industry.

Eva Mackinley has created the campaign called “The Last Straw” to start the movement to provide customer the same experience with a different product. Mackinley proposes that instead of serving plastic straws, the hospitality businesses serve their customers a bio-degradable alternative to the plastic straws.

Part of Mackinley’s strategy is to create Facebook and Twitter campaigns to get hospitality industry on board the campaign. The businesses have already agreed to consider the proposal.
Mackinley has asked anyone interested in joining her in her campaign to stop the use of plastic straws in the hospitality industry to email her at for further information.

Would you be interested in helping Eva Mackinley to remove plastic straws from the hospitality industry?

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