April 14, 2017 2 min read

Simply Ambassador: Kjersti Buaas

Photo credit: Chanelle Sladics


"Ever since I started becoming aware of how much plastic we humans actually throw away each day, my passion to find alternatives to single use plastic and spread awareness around the topic, has grown. Nature is always a great source of inspiration for me and I don't see nature ever creating waste. To me, waste is anything that is non-compostable and can't break down. Only us humans create things that don't break down and we tend do so indoors in labs. Once upon a time when plastic was invented it probably had a good purpose, and it still has in certain areas. Yet, the truth is that plastic will never really break down, only divide itself into tiny pieces that gets into our sea life, birds, oceans, mountains and other natural playgrounds, or gets stuck in a landfill. Plastic should therefor be used with a mindful approach, not just once in a bar to stir your drink. Why should we protect the natural playgrounds around us? Because it's our responsibility as humans living on this planet. Many of us think we don't stand a chance with what we individually can do to help eliminate this waste, but in my opinion we have way more impact than we think. If we can create negative ripples, we are also capable of creating positive ripples. Today, I share this message to help @simplystraws spread their movement to #pledgeagainstplasticstraws with a goal to reverse the harmful impact of plastic straws and other single use plastics. By sharing your #pledge (remember to use the#pledgeagainstplasticstraws) and tagging @simplystraws you will receive one of these beautiful handcrafted #glassstraws #simplystraws#protectfromplastic #simplysip#plasticsucks #reusable #plasticpollution #straws #reduce #glassstraw #reusablestraws #bprsnt


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