April 04, 2016 4 min read

As I sit here sipping fresh water from my Leah Kim "Be a nice human" A-Mason Mug (everything tastes better in glass, doesn't it?), I'm trying to find the right words to illustrate how elated I am to be celebrating another Earth Month here at Simply Straws. Excited...proud...optimistic... are a few words that come to mind. It is a vibrant time of year and a close second to my favorite time of year, my dog's birthday... just kidding... this is my favorite time of year! As head of Social Media at Simply Straws, I have an incredible opportunity to hear about and support your respective adventures as we unite to green this beautiful planet we call home. It is a gift I most humbly am grateful for. Whether you're just getting on the eco bandwagon or are an established eco hero, the fight to protect Mother Earth is a mighty and relentless one. We need you now more than ever to join us all month long for the 2016 Annual Pledge Against Plastic Straws. No matter who you are, each and every single one of us can make a difference right here right now in preventing the use of single-use plastic products, particularly plastic straws.

What is the Pledge Against Plastic Straws?

The Pledge Against Plastics Straws is our annual campaign to put an end to the use of plastic straws. You may make your pledge at any point during the month of April. The more of us who take the pledge, the more likely we are at succeeding at making change. For every pledge that is made, we will gift you a glass straw not including the cost of shipping. Pretty simple, right?

Here's what to do...

And if you'd like to go the extra mile, we'd love for you to personally email your friends letting them know about this awesome campaign and how to participate. If you are a blogger and would like to blog about The Pledge Against Plastic Straws, I'd love to hear from you. Drop me a line at pr@simplystraws.com and tell me what's on your mind.

To see all of the pledges visit tagboard.com and search #pledgeagainstplasticstraws. It is an inspiration to see all of your hard work over the years in helping us put an end to plastic straw use and we are overjoyed to see your pledges this year. If you have already taken the pledge in 2016 -- thank you from the bottom of our hearts -- you my friend, are a rockstar.

For those of us who aren't too familiar with plastic pollution and why it is an issue, have no fear. I've curated several resources to help you get up to speed with plastic pollution in 2016. First let me just say one thing: 500 million plastic straws are used and disposed of every day in the USA alone. 500 MILLION! A day! After nearly three years in working for the anti-plastic straw movement, I still to this day can not completely wrap my head around that statistic. It is absolutely horrifying, to say the least. Now, as if you need more proof that plastic pollution is a real problem, then try stomaching this viral video of a sea turtle with a plastic straw stuck up his nose. Our partners at Plastic Pollution Coalition always do a great job of staying on top of what's trending in the plastic-free movement. Visit Plastic Pollution Coalition's Plastic Facts page to learn more about how toxic plastic really is. A report recently published by the World Economic Forum states that by 2050, our oceans are predicted to contain more plastic than fish. And last but not least, Actor Jeff Bridges joined the Plastic Pollution Coalition last week announcing his partnership with PPC by debuting this powerful video to help educate others about plastic pollution. Plastic is just one thing the dude can not abide.

On a much lighter note, for those of you just getting to know plastic straw alternatives like Simply Straws, you are in luck. And, for those of you who religiously use our straws and mugs, I'd like to take this opportunity to remind you of how special we really are. We don't just make glass straws and mugs (accessories, too!), we are one of the most conscious companies out of the US of A. All of our packaging is eco-friendly. The colors in your straws are completely non-toxic and kid-friendly. We are also proud members of 1% For The Planet, which means that 1% of all of our sales go directly to this wonderful organization. We are also certified B Coporation business, which is something we worked really hard for and are incredibly proud of. And did you know that when you buy Simply Straws, you can also support our Non Profit Partners? Read more about our Straws For A Cause Program here.

Thank you for taking the time to read about the 2016 Pledge Against Plastic Straws. I hope you've found the inspiration you need to take five minutes to make your pledge. Please don't let this be another opportunity you put on the back burner. There isn't time to waste. Thank you for your support. Have a beautiful Earth Month!

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