10 Ways to go Low-Waste on Halloween

October 15, 2020 2 min read

There's something magical about Halloween. Maybe it's the chilly nights, the changing colors of fall, cozy movie nights, candy treats, and best of all, the pumpkin spice craze. But, there's a darker side to Halloween many of us don't even realize. You might be thinking scary movies right? Nope, it's not the latest shows on Netflix or Hulu, but rather, it's the (super) scary amount of plastic waste! 

"From throwaway halloween costumes to candy, Halloween produces a LOT of waste. In fact, according to the Guardian, an estimated 2,000 tonnes of plastic waste – equivalent to 83m bottles – will be generated from throwaway Halloween clothing sold by leading retailers in the UK this year research suggests." (The Guardian) 

Not the fun kind of scary right? Well, we've got you covered! Here's 10 ways you can keep Halloween fun and low waste (even during a pandemic)!

1. Make your own costume - Get creative or go to our favorite site pinterest to be inspired. You'll find some incredible DIY costume ideas! 

2. Reuse your old costumes. There's no shame in using the same cat ears year after year.... ;)

3. Create your own holiday beverages. Check out our latest blog on a fun & easy spooky cocktail and don't forget to add a Simply Straw to your creation! 

4. Go to the thrift store (old halloween costumes are donated here) - You can grab brand new or gently used halloween costumes at affordable prices. Tip: once the holidays are over, you can donate any unwanted items back to thrift stores or properly store your halloween decor so it can be used again next year

5. Skip the pet costumes & make your own! Yes, our dogs look insanely cute in pet costumes, but most of these costumes are made with material that is not going to break down. However, you can create some super cute DIY costumes from things you already have or better yet, get your photoshop skills a refresh & you can create an entire outfit right on the photo - the possibilities are endless 

(human - do I look happy in this costume?)


6. Buy halloween candy in paper or foil wrapping

7. Don't just decorate your pumpkins, use them afterwards too! Skip the carving & go for a non-toxic paint so you can use the pumpkin after halloween! Bake the seeds & compost the rest.

8. Host a clean up party within your neighborhood to clean up candy wrappers, leftover candy, and maybe a few tipped over pumpkins! Socially distance yourself for added safety, use some reusable gloves, and go for paper bags instead of plastic to collect trash. 

9. Use plastic-free glitter (yep it does exist!!) I mean who doesn't love this idea?! Here's an affordable option from Amazon 

10. Use flashlights with rechargeable batteries instead of candles for decorations and staying safe at night!


Whether you stay in for this year's Halloween or engage in some socially distanced trick or treating, we hope you have a very happy & safe Halloween!

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