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Build Your Own Drinking Game Straw Set

Whatever the event, occasion, or party, let's build your own drinking game with custom drinking cues! Great for Bachelor(ette) parties, book clubs, ritual viewing parties, or just a random Friday night!

You choose the 6 different cues and we'll make a set just for you and your friends!

Ideas to get you started:

Awkward! - (The Office) Drink anytime there is a awkward interaction between characters.

Hair Flip - (Schitts's Creek) Drink anytime Alexis touches or flips her hair.

Groom Taboo - (Bachelorette party) Drink anytime someone mentions the Groom-to-be.

Blood Drip - (Horror Movie) Drink for every drop of blood that falls to the floor.

Author's Catalog - (book club) Drink when someone mentions a different book from the same author.

1. Each player blindly pulls a straw from the linen bag and reads their "drinking cue". 

2. Every time the "drinking cue" occurs in the show, that player must sip their drink.

3. Any missed "drinking cues" called out by other players equals a double sip.

4. Questionable "drinking cues" can be disputed between the players with a majority vote on the final call.



  • 6 x Classic Clear 8" Straws etched with custom "drinking cues"
  • Linen bag for storage
  • Cleaning brush

Distance Friendly GAME (For people who want to play together, from different houses, cities, states, or countries) INCLUDES:

  • 6 x Classic Clear 8" Straws etched with "drinking cues"
  • 6 x Cleaning brush
  • Each straw + brush is individually boxed and ready to ship to your friends

Cue Sample:

Awkward!. Hair Flip. Groom Taboo. Blood Drip. Author's Catalog. (periods will not be etched on straws)



    • Reusable, eco-friendly, durable
    • Dishwasher safe
    • BPA Free, non-porous and hypo-allergenic
    • Reduces teeth staining, sensitivity and erosion