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Short Stuff 6" Straws

  • $ 825

Are you looking for the perfect cocktail straw or what will fit in your child's juice box? Our 6" straws are short but fulfill a tall order. 
Skinny 6" & Classic 6" straws work well for an elegant cocktail. Be the host with the most when you provide these beautiful handcrafted reusable glass straws to your guest. Everything taste better with glass.  Plus these versatile straws are great in your children's' lunch box. Get rid of those single use plastic straws. Give them something they will remember, have fun with and protect them from the BPA that is in plastic straws.
Wide 6" straws are fun for smoothies, soups and just about anything you choose to drink. If you are looking to take in more liquid like water, this is your straw. A little wider makes you consume more in one sip than the other options. Get hydrated quickly with this straw.

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