24 oz Venti Mason Koozie

24 oz Venti Mason Koozie

$ 15.00

Sleeve Fabric

Introducing our “24 oz Venti Mason” Koozie that fits a wide mouth 24oz. mason jar and your car cup holder.  Stylish, fun and amazingly functional providing superior insulation for hot & cold beverages. Replacing the need for the use of many napkins or coffee sleeves. It folds flat for easy portability and storage.
  • Renewable Materials: Hemp and Flax
  • Sustainable Fabric
  • Grown Organically
  • Versatile, Strong & Durable
  • Natural pest & disease resistant
  • Antimicrobial
  • Mold Resistant
  • Natural antibacterial properties
  • Washable
Our Koozies provide you convenience and protection for everyday use!



This is a glass product. Do not use this product if it is in any way cracked, chipped, shattered, fragmented, clogged or otherwise damaged or altered in any way. This product is only intended for the consumption of liquid beverages. Do not use with hot beverages as scalding can occur.

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