Why Fundraise with Simply Straws? Simply Straws wants to help you raise money while educating your community about the health advantages of reusable glass straws. Our fundraising program is an all-gain, no-risk project for your organization and is specifically designed for schools, non-profits, sports teams and groups looking to make a difference.



Our fundraising experts look forward to creating a personalized fundraiser that helps you meet your goals. We will work hard to make this your most successful fundraiser! How Does It Work? YOU CAN START BY CALLING Simply Straws… (855) STRAW-4-U We understand that each fundraiser is unique and we are dedicated to accommodating your fundraising needs. We have developed 3 successful methods to get you started. 



Order your Simply Straws brand reusable glass straws before your fundraiser begins. Pre-ordering Straws lets students and organizations show off the Straws durability,vibrant colors and size to potential donators. This method will allow your donors to receive their Simply Straws reusable glass straws immediately. 


Order forms include: product specifics, colors, quick facts and an easy ordering guide. Use this form to take orders for the duration of the fundraiser. Once your order forms are complete, call a Simply Straws representative and place your order. (Or if possible you input your order online )This method allows you to order exactly what you need without paying ahead of time.


Reach your out-of-town family and friends who want to contribute to your fundraising goals! Offer this option to your potential donors to order exactly what they want from entire product line and your organization will receive up to 40% return on their purchase, excluding tax & shipping. We provide you with a Fundraiser ID# for your donors/shoppers to use upon checking out on our site, this will enable us to track each order and allot your organization the funds raised without even touching the product or writing orders. All online fundraiser participants get their products shipped directly to them while still profiting your fundraiser. We have great flyer and email samples you can download. Check them out and send them out to help promote your online fundraiser!


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This is a glass product. Do not use this product if it is in any way cracked, chipped, shattered, fragmented, clogged or otherwise damaged or altered in any way. This product is only intended for the consumption of liquid beverages. Do not use with hot beverages as scalding can occur.

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