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  Thank you for your Compliments
  • This is something I will definitely use!
  • Absolutely loved it. So beautifully crafted and Eco-friendly.
  • Nice idea. When I was growing up we had a glass straw.
  • After trying these straws, I will never use plastic ones again! They are easy to clean and aesthetically pleasing.
  • The Simply Straw was  fantastic gift. It was something I had considered buying but was hesitant to. Now I think I am going to be buying them for gifts for my family!
  • Great idea!
  • Easy to clean. Like how it is clear, not opaque.
  • Love having a reusable straw and would not have thought to go buy one!
  • Loved! Wish it came in a color. This made the box worth $19.
  • Great idea.
  • That was nice, I gave it to my friend.
  • Sort of short to use in normal sized cups but I like that it's glass and reusable.
  • Love this straw!!! I use it constantly! My husband is jealous, so I have to buy more!
  • Cool product
  • great--i used it all the time now!
  • Loved it! I bought two straws for myself and one for a friend! I'll probably buy a few more in the future.
  • nice thing to have for work
  • Loved it! Love the straw and the fact that they are re-usable and does notcontribute to everyday pollution.
  • I like it, now I want a thicker one for smoothies.
I love the straw. It has a small straw to help me remember to drink slowly. It was also a great surprise in my first box. I wasn't expecting it. I wish I got a colored straw, but I definitely am going to buy some for future use!
  • This is such a smart idea. I've started using these already, but having one more is a good thing.
  • LOVE!! LOVE!! DID I MENTION ?? LOVE!!!!!! I've seen these straws before but just wouldn't spluge that much for myself. Now I don't have to....other than getting some for the family. THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!!
  • Loved it. Something we can use over and over and it's small enough that my kids can use it too!
  • cool but needs a brush
  • Simply Straws are awesome! I love drinking through a straw and having one that will last forever makes me feel better about my impact on the planet. They are obviously a conscious company and I am proud to support them. I will be purchasing these in the future for myself and friends!
  • I definitely want to buy more straws for my house. The longer ones and the smaller ones. I love the them!
  • I had no idea you could purchase these types of straws. My son had envied the stainless steel one I had been using so I let him have the Simply Straw. :)
  • This is a very fun and useful waste minimizer
  • Seeing Simply Straws in my box made me super happy! I love getting something more long lasting. The snacks are great, but disappear too quickly. This is not something I probably would have purchased but after I had one in my box, I quickly fell in love! I immediately went to their website to learn more about them and then ordered a set from VeganCuts.
  • Definitely keeping this in my purse always!
  • I love these straws! They are perfect : )
  • LOVED this.. Using it right now with my tea :)
  • Very fun! My husband & I have smoothies every morning & the straw was great! Now I have to get another one so that I can use it (hubby liked it too).
  • Great idea! I drink a lot of coffee and tea that are probably staining my teeth, I've just been re-using my straw now.


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