Sip That Scene - 80's Movie Edition

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Drinking Game Inspired Straw Set

Inspired by our love of sipping and our favorite 80's movies, we bring you a cocktail set that is both functional and fun!  So grab a drink (or two), a group of friends, and hit play on the 80's movie of your choice! 

1. Each player blindly pulls a straw from the linen bag and reads their "drinking cue". 

2. Every time the "drinking cue" occurs in the movie, that player must sip their drink.

3. Any missed "drinking cues" called out by other players equals a double sip.

4. Questionable "drinking cues" can be disputed between the players with a majority vote on the final call.

5. Everyone drinks when a character on-screen drinks a beverage or goes to a club/bar, and anytime there is a reference to the past or future. Sip twice if the reference did not become reality. 


80's FASHION - Sip for any appearance of 80's fashion that has made a comeback in your lifetime (we're looking at you scrunchies).


  • 6 x Classic Clear 8" Straws etched with "drinking cues"
  • Linen bag for storage
  • Cleaning brush
  • Download and print yourself rules and coasters

Coming Soon. Add on options:

  • $15 to Make it 8 - add two straws with a custom trigger to make the game one of a kind.
  • $10 for printed rules and coasters (paper laminated) included.


  • Reusable, eco-friendly, durable
  • Dishwasher safe
  • BPA Free, non-porous and hypo-allergenic
  • Reduces teeth staining, sensitivity and erosion