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3 Sleeve Straw Starter Set

3 Sleeve Straw Starter Set

$ 47.00 $ 56.25

Sleeve Fabric

Where Fashion meets Function
Don't know what you need? We have made it simply easy by gathering together one of everything. This set will accommodate your coffee stops, lunchtime drink, smoothie runs and cocktails after work. Don't stop there it also comes with one of our sleeves to carry and protect your glass straws including the Simply Straws Logo & brush to clean them. Here is what you are in store for:
  • 1 Skinny 6"Clear Straw including our Simply Straws Logo
  • 1 Classic 8"Clear Straw including our Simply Straws Logo
  • 1 Wide 10" Clear Straw including our Simply Straws Logo
  • 1 Classic Brush Cleaner
  • 1 - 3 Straw Sleeve
Straws are made from Borosilicate glass, which is the strongest commercially available glass
  • Non-porous and hypo-allergenic Superior durability
  • Helps minimize Teeth Sensitivity and Erosion Reduces Teeth Staining
  • Both microwave and dishwasher safe
  • Main ingredients: Quartz Sand (silica) and boron oxide
  • Handmade in the California


This is a glass product. Do not use this product if it is in any way cracked, chipped, shattered, fragmented, clogged or otherwise damaged or altered in any way. This product is only intended for the consumption of liquid beverages. Do not use with hot beverages as scalding can occur.

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