Think you can’t live without plastic bags? Consider this: Rwanda did it

Chanelle Sladics

Posted on February 18 2014

Emilie Clavel from traveled to Rwanda, and here is here experience while being searched on the border:

"On a recent trip to Rwanda, my luggage was searched at the border, and the authorities confiscated some of my belongings. No, I wasn't trying to smuggle drugs or weapons. The offenders? Three plastic bags I'd use to carry my shampoo and dirty laundry.

You see, non-biodegradable polythene bags are illegal in Rwanda.  In 2008, while the rest of the world was barely starting to consider a tax on single-use plastic bags, the small East African nation decided to ban them completely."

Read Emilie's full story here.


A shopper carries her shopping with free supermarket shopping bags. Photograph: ANDY RAIN/EPA

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