Recipe Wednesday: Spice up your ice! DIY flavored ice cubes

Chanelle Sladics

Posted on April 16 2014

Warmer days and sunnier skies are upon us.  That means more outdoor gatherings, more entertaining to be done, and more glasses to be filled.  I came across DIY flavored ice cubes about one year ago when dining at what once was the Hotel Griffou in NYC.  They were so beautiful and so fun that I just had to learn to make my own at home.  These are great for large or small gatherings – for larger groups I will make 10+ trays and store the flavored ice in a large glass container with a lid in the freezer the night before. These are simple to make and compliment everything from water to lemonade to sangria.  Pop these babies in your A-Mason Mug and sip away!

Here are a few recipes for you to enjoy.  Trying this at home?  Have a flavor you recommend?  Let us know in the comments below…

Thyme Ice Cubes (Hotel Griffou, NYC)

Flavor: A pungent but mixable wave of the herb’s oils.
How to pair it: Drop into a mix of Linie aquavit, Luxardo limoncello, and Hoegaarden wheat beer for a Northern European spin on the shandy.

Recipe: 3 five-inch fresh thyme sprigs and 2 cups water.

Using sharp scissors, cut away the horizontal dividers in a silicone ice mold, leaving three elongated sections. Place a sprig of thyme in each section, fill with water, and freeze. Makes 3 ice spears.

Berry Nice (Rachel Ray)

For a creative way to use those summerime berries, try this: Fill an ice cube tray halfwway with pureed raspberries then freeze.  Top with milk, then freeze again.  Serve in a fruit smoothie.

Lavender Ice Cubes

From mixologist Johnny Swet (the owner of Rogue & Canon and JIMMY at The James in New York City), a lavender flavored ice cube adds great flavor for spring-themed gin drinks and surprisingly paired with bourbon and bourbon-based cocktails. Boil water with 3 to 4 teaspoons of dried lavender flowers, and let it stand 5 minutes. Then, fine strain into your ice cube molds. If lavender is in season, place a fresh lavender flower in mold, and freeze solid.

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