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More Plastic Than Fish

Cyndi Sladics

Posted on September 07 2014

“More plastic than fish”, 19 year old Boyan Stat said of what he saw when he went scuba diving in Greece.  He then figured out how to change that.  He created and invention he calls the “Soup Trap”. The exciting part of his invention (besides the fact that he is 19) is that it uses the oceans currents to round up the debris in a contained area.  That contained area can be easily scooped and then the debris is removed from the ocean. His current plan is to scoop over half of the plastic that is in the ocean in the next ten years. And then, who knows what he’ll create. Read more about his invention here. See his YouTube here.

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This is a glass product. Do not use this product if it is in any way cracked, chipped, shattered, fragmented, clogged or otherwise damaged or altered in any way. This product is only intended for the consumption of liquid beverages. Do not use with hot beverages as scalding can occur.

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