Jamie Anderson and #mugonamission

Cyndi Sladics

Posted on February 25 2015

Jamie Anderson began snowboarding at the age of nine because she grew up in the snow of Lake Tahoe. While snowboarding in nature, she grew to love the Sugar Pine trees that were part of the world that she would swish by on her way down the mountain. John Pickett worked for the Forest Service in the Lake Tahoe basin in the summer of 2004. He noticed that the beautiful Sugar Pine trees were dying from a fungus. He feared that the forest of the gentle giants would disappear, taking with it a way of life, and the wildlife.

John noticed that there was 3-5% of sugar pines that were resistant to the fungus naturally. This gave him the incentive to try to save the forest one tree at a time. The mission of the Sugar Pine Foundation, now under the direction of John, Maria Mircheva and Tressa Gibbard, is to save the Sugar Pines by replanting the forest with resistant trees and raise awareness of the Sugar Pine. To date they have planted over 70,000 trees.

Simply Straws began with the mission of preserving our environment by replacing the 500 million plastic drinking straws used (46,400 school bus loads) every day. They have expanded their mission to include the preservation of the environment and supporting projects that do preserve the environment.

Jamie Anderson, as a Simply Straws Ambassador, is connecting all of these projects with the goal of raising $1,000 for the Sugar Pine Foundation through the sale of beautifully designed A-Mason Simply Straws mugs with the Sugar Pine etched into it. The mugs are $25.00 and 10% of the proceeds will be donated to The Sugar Pine Foundation through Protect Our Winters. The stunning limited edition mug is a must have addition to your collection of sustainably and environmentally aware products.

To order your mug, you can order directly from the Simply Straws website.

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