Healthy Lemon-Lime Soda

Cyndi Sladics

Posted on May 21 2015

Summer days and lemon-lime sodas are a sweet treat that most people enjoy while relaxing in the backyard. Making healthy lemon-lime soda is as simple to do as infusing sparkling water with lemon and lime. Add a dash of stevia and you have a little refreshing drink that is low-carb, no calorie, and healthy.

To make this beautiful A-Mason Mug of soda, pour 8 oz. of sparkling water in to the mug, add lemon and lime slices, a pinch or so of stevia (use sparingly as a little stevia is very sweet) and let it sit for 15 minutes and let the fruit infuse into the water.

Take your yummy home-made soda out to the back yard, put your feet up and enjoy.

What other soda flavors can you make by infusing sparkling water?

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This is a glass product. Do not use this product if it is in any way cracked, chipped, shattered, fragmented, clogged or otherwise damaged or altered in any way. This product is only intended for the consumption of liquid beverages. Do not use with hot beverages as scalding can occur.

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